Friday, July 30, 2010

Hebrews - Book of Warning(s)

Our focus today is Heb. 2:1 - the warning BEGINS here. The warning is SUMMARIZED here.

Point being: "slipping away, drifting" is a great danger!!!! It is the subject of the whole book of Hebrews.
A. it is a serious danger - note the various warning phrases:
make every effort
let us hold firmly
let us hold unswervingly
do not give up
do not throw away
run with perseverance
endure hardship
do not forget
keep on
see to it
don't be carried away
B. it is a common danger - ALL are subject to this.
C. it is a practical danger (not just a Sunday thing) - it has life consequences! When we step out of truth, we step into falsehood.

So....... let's look at the text.

I. The Lead-up (to the text) - Heb. 1:1-4 , 2:1
The point is: Jesus is Lord, He is Truth, He is Superior... therefore: must pay more careful attention

II. The Word (drifting, slipping) - this Hebrew word is used only here in the New Testament
There are two views:
A. We slip from truth
B. truth slips from us

EITHER WAY, it leads to: 1. separation from truth and 2. beginning of a process (inattention leads to apathy leads to disobedience leads to hardened heart leads to turning away....)
God's truth doesn't stop even if you do.

NOTE: drift is NOT irreversible. But, it is progressive (if not addressed)

III. Implications of the Word. (the Word implies, suggests...)

A. A subtle movement - ie: example - gentle stream, snow falling off shoulder, etc.
B. An unintentional movement - doesn't mean pull away, deny, discard. Similar to a vehicle driver's drift across the line or off to the side.
C. A preventable movement - (example: kayak pulled up on the riverbank but not far enough and not tied. Drifted away during the night. Could have been prevented.) Prov. 3:21

IV. The Cause of the Drifting
Inattention, shifted focus, misplaced priorities

Compare: Matt. 13:3-9 Matt. 13:18-23
All are exposed to the truth
None consciously or intentionally rejects the truth.
Rather they drift from truth OR truth slips from them.

V. Prevention from drifting Heb. 2:1 "Pay Attention"
1. "PAY ATTENTION" - give heed, focus
2. "TO WHAT WE'VE (ALREADY) HEARD" ie: gospel truths, apostles doctrine, teachings of Christ, etc.

VI. Observations
1. "drifting, slipping" may be the greatest spiritual danger you face (as a Christian)

2. if it's a spiritual danger, it's also a practical danger. - has life consequences - Gal. 6:7
We can't separate spiritual life from practical life.

3. it doesn't take great sin(s) to disrupt your walk or destroy your soul (example: tornado vs. termites)

4. truth does not benefit you until it's heeded

5. truth is not heeded until it is acted upon....

2 Cor. 6:1-2

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