Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Christian Doctrine of Sin

As far as the Christian family goes, the primary problem, from a Biblical perspective is: SIN

Definition of sin: anything contrary to God's will for your life.
A. Actions, attitudes, outside His will. = sins of commission.
B. Actions, attitudes omitted from His will. = sins of omission.

Sin is:
A. A moral choice. It is more than a mistake such as 2 x 2 = 5 That is a mistake, not a sin!
It is contrary to God's moral law - good and evil come in to play here. Therefore, sin is evil.

Sin is:
B. Destructive - All sin = some consequence. Even though some are "tornado" sins, and some are "termite" sins, all will have consequences. In the long run, there is greater damage done by "termite" sins than by tornado sins.

Sin is:
3. Irrational. If you know it's gonna hurt, but you do it anyway. That is illogical - stupid!!!

Sin is:
4. Universal - Rom. 3:23

And, Sin is:
5. Deeply ingrained (in our moral being) - Rom. 7:15-24

NOTE: Some things that would diminish and/or disappear if we could control sin within the family unit:
fights, quarrels, selfish fits, temper tantrums, cold shoulder, gruff attitude, charged atmosphere, lying, deceit mistrust which leads to feeling betrayed and trapped
harsh words, hurt feelings leading to a broken heart, a crushed spirit, an empty soul
anger, bitterness, resentment unforgiveness
harsh discipline, lax discipline
abuse - physical, emotional, sexual - feeling used, cheap, dirty, worthless, unworthy, unwanted, unappreciated which leads to retaliation
laziness, laxity, jealousy, sibling rivalry, in-law issues
adultery, fornication, unfaithfulness, separation, abandonment, divorce, multiple marriages

All which lead to family disfunction, breakdown, destruction, etc.

Above are the effects of sin

SO...... How to deal with it????


Dealing with SIN (the principle) - concept of sin
Dealing with SINS (individual acts)

Dealing with Sin (the principle)
1. recognize and admit the problem - example: AA - Step #1
2. recognize and admit the solution (Christ and crossing the bridge)
1 Pet. 3:18 (a) Rom. 10:9-10

Dealing with Sins (the individual acts)
1. awareness/recognition of concept of individual acts
a. consider the possibility
b. be open to the Spirit

2. admission (AA step #1) - I have a problem with sin.

3. contrition (sorrow, mourning) - grieving/being sorry for sins Psalm 51:17 Isa. 66:2 (b)

4. confession - saying the same thing that God says, agreeing with

5. repentance - Luke 5:31-32 - turning away and going the other direction "about face"

6. determination - because it's hard work!

7. perseverance - because it's continual work!


The family matters. Therefore, SIN matters. Mal. 4:5-6

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