Sunday, December 6, 2009

Activities for Advent

ADVENT (from the Latin adventus) - is a coming/an arrival

The Advent season begins the 4th. Sunday before Christmas and ends Christmas Eve

Advent is a time to: 1. Celebrate His coming (Christmas/His incarnation)
2. Anticipate His return (2nd. coming)

Meanwhile we live in the "tween time". - Between His 1st. coming and 2nd. coming

Question: Is there current application beyond celebration and anticipation?

Answer: Yes! Hab. 3:2 Things we can all do during Advent. Pray as Habbakkuk did for "now".
Point: as You've come in the past... As you will in the future, SO Come Now!
Come among us/make Yourself known/work in, on, and through Your people!!!

Come and do a Mighty work in the "tween time".

One one hand, He's always among us and always working. However, the times of intense, obvious activity were most times in response to the cries of His people. Ex. 3:7-10 Judges 3:7, 9

The point: as we celebrate Christmas and anticipate His return, we should be saying, "Come again...Now!"

We should be praying Hab. 3:2 "do it again"...... "do it now"


Activities for Advent

As Christians we should:

#1. Cry for deliverance.
On one hand, A. we are not oppressed - compared to Israel and Egypt, the exile, Roman rule.
But, B. others are!!! - Christians in China, Somalia, Iraq
And, some things that have been banned here:
C. prayer in school, religious symbols in public property, prohibited scripture reading in jury room, etc.
2 Chron. 7:11-14

#2. Pray for justice - God's heart (things as they ought to be) Rom. 89:14 a
- Messiah's job - Is. 9:6-7, 42:1-4 a
Example: we protect a convicted guilty killer, but NOT the helpless, innocent pre-born child.

#3. Admit our inability. (to accomplish deliverance, to establish justice)
This does not mean we are helpless or inept. It does mean we are unable to change HEARTS of people. Only God can do that!
We can never change things permanently.

#4. See His assistance. Neh. 1:4-6, 22 Neh. 2:4-5 (God moved the heart of a pagan king)

#5. Acknowledge His presence
John 5:17 - we can ask Him to come and work. BUT, He IS working!!
Point: balance requests with recognition and thanksgiving Phil. 4:6-7

#6. Increase our efforts. Phil. 2:12-13
WE are his hands, feet, mouth "Waiting on the Lord" does NOT mean being inactive, rather Active Submission!!
He has chosen to do His work largely through His people.

#7. Prepare our hearts. Individually.
Question: If He said he'd come, ARE YOU Available????
God's will is to get in your heart, get on the throne of your heart, then get out into the community, family, etc.
Change this to: IN - ON - AVAILABLE

God probably won't do it apart from you (us).

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