Monday, November 17, 2008

Profile of A Christian

As we categorize and describe types of Evangelical Christians, we find that they are a group that consider themselves: saved, baptized, seldom doubt their salvation.
BUT, they are NOT satisfied with their spiritual walk or their spiritual growth.
On a scale of 1-10, they feel they should be a 7. Instead they feel they are probably a 5 or even a 3.

This group or type of Christian is haunted by feelings of :
A. guilt - due to constant failures - in spite of good intentions
B. unworthiness - feel unfit to be called a Christian - much less be a role model
C. Inadequacy - i.e. unable to live the Christina life beyond superficial appearances.

This Christian's self-assessment is: "I don't pray enough". "I don't witness for Christ enough."
"I don't have a consistent time with God."

This Christian also wishes he had more Bible knowledge and wishes he could better discern God's will in every day matters. He would like to experience more joy and excitement in his Christian life BUT in fact his Christian life is generally routine.

This Christian thinks that he could do better if he could only stay focused on Christ and be consistent (not up and down).

The biggest problem is simply 'trusting' Him, surrendering to His will, practicing submission (or practicing it on a daily basis), and trusting and really believing beyond the head - in heart and hands as well.

Is this your profile? Does this description fit you?


#1. This is everybody's profile. Because this describes:
A. Our human nature Rom. 3:23 (if you are honest in your assessment)
B. Our dual nature Rom. 7:15, 18, 19, 22-23
C. The world we live in - "between Eden and Eternity" We live in a fallen world.
Rom. 8:19-21 Rom. 7:21
D. Life - is a roller coaster. (up and down, fast and slow, ascend and descend). It doesn't get perfect this side of heaven for anyone.

Responses usually are: "But I'm a Christian!"
Compare to a Christian and a lost person on a roller coaster. Both go up, both go down, both go round and round, irregardless of spiritual state.
"That's very discouraging." - depends how you look at it.
On one hand it's discouraging that this is so. BUT, you're not alone, unique, at the bottom of the spiritual ladder, etc. 1 Cor. 10:13
We're all dealing with the same stuff.

#2. God is not through with you. He still loves you, He won't leave you, He can still develop you and use you.
Example: John 21:15-17 "After Peter's declaration and then denial, A. How do you think HE felt? (like the typical profile)
BUT, B. How did Christ deal with him? He didn't ignore the sin or the failure, but He loved him and forgave him and chose him and used him.


We must recognize our sins and failures and the seriousness of them.
BUT, we must not let them crush and cripple us. Phil. 1:6 - He never gives up on us.

#3. It'll get better (if you hang in there) - as you gain knowledge, understanding, and experience; as you grow.
Life won't change but you can!! We do better because we are better.

When does this happen? Eventually. How does this happen? A tiny step at a time amidst a thousand more ups and downs. Eph. 4:11-15
The specific text reads "not be blown about by false teachings or doctrines." But the principle is much broader - when we mature we'll not be blown about by life's storms.

Using the ship illustration: A. as the captain gains wisdom and knowledge, he's NOT blown off course by every squall.
B. Hie may be blown off course by a hurricane!! BUT, even then after the storm, he checks where he is, gets his bearings, and gets back on course!


#1. The Christian life begins with Christ (accept Him) and a commitment to Him.

#2. That commitment will be constantly tried, tested and challenged..... by your human nature, the fallen world, life's unpredictable fluctuations.

#3. You will often fall and fail.

#4. So will everybody else.

#5. Your options are : Give Up or Get up - continue to try to live for Christ, overcome, grow, and mature.

#6. God's will is that you get up. (grow up and go on)

#7. The blessings you desire are found (only) when you get up and go on.